# Andrew Byrd

Software Engineer
Raleigh, NC / Remote

# Objective

A full-time position where I will solve challenging problems, collaborate with other like-minded hardworking individuals, continuously learn, share/mentor others, ship amazing features, and make an impact.

# Technical Skills

# Languages / Frameworks / Libraries

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue, Angular, GraphQL, NodeJS, Python, C#, .NET, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS, LESS, SCSS.

# Other Tooling

Webpack, Babel, Gulp, Jest, Jasmine, Karma, Firebase, Docker, Git, npm, VuePress, Next.js, create-react-app, Gatsby

# Senior Software Engineer at PayScale, Inc. [January 2019 - Present]

  • Lead front-end contributor for Data Integrations Engineering leading the implementation of all front-end development for a project to streamline and automate data ingestion into the PayScale platform and between products.
  • Development, tooling, testing, and documentation.
  • New libraries for features like File Extraction and Column Mapping created using React and TypeScript.
  • Created and lead PayScale Engineering's front-end guild, establishing front-end architecture and best practices, driving improvements to the platform such as alignment on front-end tooling and a design system.

# Senior Software Engineer III at Dude Solutions, Inc. [November 2016 - December 2018]

  • Architected strangler pattern strategy and developed redesign of flagship ASP.NET product using VueJS.
  • Implemented critical portions of AngularJS web application that combines KPIs, reporting tools, and a dashboard that leverages the experience and data of thousands of clients across multiple industries.
  • Designed Node services used to enable continuous integration of Qlik applications.
  • Designed Electron application used to extract Qlik applications from development environment.
  • Participated in forming Agile ceremonies around our sprint and release cycle.

# Software Engineer 2, ShareFile Development at Citrix Systems, Inc. [April 2015 – November 2016]

  • Refactored ASP.NET MVC web applications to improve performance, utilizing new JS frameworks.
  • Designed and developed Multi-Product Sales support to enable our Sales team to sell product bundles and standalone services.
  • Automated the invoicing process for ShareFile SMB accounts to SAP.
  • Contributed feature work to REST API services.
  • Participate in all phases of the SDLC.
  • Conducted interviews for Platform Software Developers.

# Software Engineer 1, ShareFile Business Systems at Citrix Systems, Inc. [August 2013 – April 2015]

  • Feature development and maintenance of Account Management CRM, Sales CRM, ShareFile Billing Engine, Marketing website, and ShareFile Blog.
  • Participate in weekly grooming sessions and daily scrums.
  • Perform code reviews for other developer’s pull requests and provide feedback.
  • Wrote unit and integration tests to maintain code quality.

# Production Support Engineer at Blackboard Inc. [June 2011 – August 2013]

  • Developed functionality for AlertNow, an ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application, to seamlessly forward client data to our new product, Connect 5, during a mass client migration.
  • Designed and developed SIS Integration Tool, a WPF client-side application in C#.
  • Various bug fixes for AlertNow tracked via JIRA and SVN.
  • Developed SQL queries/stored procedures for maintenance, usage reporting, and researching issues.

# Data Integration Analyst at Blackboard Inc. [January 2010 – June 2011]

  • Responsible for working integration cases to automate data imports for Blackboard clients.
  • Develop complex SQL queries (T-SQL, PL/SQL, Jet SQL) to extract data from client systems.
  • WebEx with clients to configure ODBC connections, shell scripting, VBScripts, setup file transfers.
  • Discover new solutions for automating data exports from dozens of K12 SIS providers.
  • Develop solutions to integrate 3rd party vendor’s web services.

# Client Care Representative at Saf-T-Net, Inc. [July 2009 – January 2010]

  • Reactive incoming phone/email support for AlertNow, an ASP for rapid notification via voice/email/sms.
  • Bug reporting/Release testing for the GUI.

# B.S. in Computer Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. [2009]

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